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Banana Wrasse (Thalassoma lutescens)

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#1 His Majesty

His Majesty

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Posted 21 June 2012 - 02:48 PM

Banana Wrasse (Thalassoma lutescens) aka sunset wrasse
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Max Size:30cm (1')
Recommended tank size (for adult specimen): 125g+

Range: Fiji, western pacific

Reef safe: No.

Water Parameters: 25° C, pH 8.0-8.4, salinity 1.020-1.025

Diet: mixed varied diet. carnivore. shrimp, shellfish, nori, fish etc

Tankmates: keep with other similar sized fish. shy slow fish wont compete well.

Care: A hardy fish, adapts well to captivity, eagerly eats most foods. Active fish who needs lots of swimming space. Must provide a deep sandbed and plenty of rock work as many wrasse bury themselves completely in the sand when sleeping or if they feel stressed/scared. When i brought mine home it immediately dived into the sand from high up. at night it again bury's itself, which is annoying as i always had a mini heart attack when i couldn't see him.

Personality: Wrasse are very active fish, cruises about the tank constantly. may harass other tankmates although mine was very mellow, never had any problems with him. They are extremely beautiful fish, and are fun to watch.

Side Note: There are two main types of wrasse. reef safe and fish-only. Fish only wrasse such as the banana wrasse feed on shrimp small fish and corals as their natural diet, they are generally larger than their reef cousins and have a strong set of visble teeth to crack through shells. Reef safe wrasse are smaller and have delicate looking mouths. Always do your research before purchasing a fish :)

Often juvenile Wrasse are very different looking to their parents (not always) and male/ females can differ in appearance.
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#2 FishFood


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Posted 21 June 2012 - 03:58 PM

Great looking fish!

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