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There is a skimmer down....We have a skimmer down!

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#1 Grosse Gurke

Grosse Gurke

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Posted 10 March 2017 - 12:45 PM

Jesus....I have been battling algae for a few months and couldnt understand what was happening.  I would pull the cup off the skimmer and there wasnt much skim...but there were bubbles so it looked like it was working.  It is an older Tunze 9001 and always worked great.  Well I changed the pump about 6 months ago and I guess I had broken off a shelf inside when I was installing it.  I guess that shelf was critical to its operation.  So I cleaned the skimmer and fixed the shelf.  I wasnt getting much skim at all so I ordered a tunze 9004.  Well....between the 2 day shipping...the old guy started cleaning the shit out of the water...lol.  I changed it to the new one anyways...its more powerful....hopefully after the break in I can get this algae in check...it already looks better. 


Skimmer = critical equipment IMO.


#2 Waters



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Posted 13 March 2017 - 12:31 PM

Lol yeah, the skimmer is the main source of nutrient export in a saltwater tank.  Not sure if you have tried it yet, but give Vibrant a try if you want to order a bottle  It completely eliminated my small hair algae issue (as well as the need to clean the front glass ever).  It cleaned my tank in about two days.  Not sure if you have coral, but it is supposed to be 100% reef safe.  I used it in my 105 gallon mixed reef tank as well as my 25 gallon nano.  The only thing that didn't seem to like it was my Gorgonians.  It is 99% bacteria which somehow consumes nitrates and phosphates and kills the algae.

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