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25 Jun 2014

Posted by His Majesty in Bulletin Board
voting open till errm whenever i get round to it. Will be in Vancouver over the next 3 weeks so shall do it when I have a free moment

Only got one NPOTM pic so will keep that till next month when i get some more (sorry JawsofSteele)

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Please Bear With Us -- Upgrade Time

04 Sep 2014

Posted by JoeDizzleMPLS in Bulletin Board

I'm sure most of you have noticed the site looks a little funny, the reason for that is we just got done upgrading to the newest version of IP Board.  Feel free to check out new features and let us know what you think of the upgrade.  For the next few days, I'll be busy getting things looking good again so for now we'll have to tolerate the default IP Board look.  You may see a few different versions of the site as you're checking in and you may see some things that don't look right -- no need to panic, we'll work out the bugs and have things running and looking good in no time.


If you guys have any suggestions or problems, please let us know.

819 Views · 22 Replies ( Last reply by fishweiser )


Not only does The Dude abide...he moderates......

21 Aug 2014

Posted by Grosse Gurke in Bulletin Board
Welcome to the team man!

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April Contest Winners

10 May 2014

Posted by His Majesty in Bulletin Board
Congrats to LondonDan and JawsofSteele for their great pics.

Posted Image

Posted Image

516 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by Red Eyes )


Welcome Back Shark Aquarium!

14 Jan 2014

Posted by Grosse Gurke in Bulletin Board
Just wanted to let everyone know that George is back on Piranha Keepers. G has been importing these fish for longer then I can remember and has really been a great sponsor on the few sites I have managed. His dedication to this hobby is second to none. I am really excited about this not only for the site but for our membership. I cant wait to see what comes in during the spring and summer.

So Welcome back George...it is great to be working with you again!

1,604 Views · 32 Replies ( Last reply by SharkAquarium )

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